A need to improve existing global infrastructure could lead to as much as $35 trillion in public works spending over the next 20 years¹. Demand for vanadium, over which 90% goes into steel, is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9% for the decade ending 2018² . This demand will be driven both by an increase in infrastructure expenditures and an increase in vanadium usage per tonne of steel in developing countries. For example, structural steel in China contains only 1/3 of the vanadium per tonne of steel as in North America³ .

Through the use of a proprietary, environmentally friendly process, AMG is the largest producer of ferro-vanadium in North America and the largest recycler of waste streams used to produce vanadium in the world. AMG’s advanced technological process recovers these valuable specialty metals from hazardous waste, eliminating the need to landfill this waste. AMG estimates that the energy consumption used to produce recycled vanadium is approximately 60% of primary manufacturing routes.


1Benjamin Tal, CIBC World Markets, January 26, 2009
2CPM Group statistics, July 2008
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