Business Unit
AMG produces high-purity natural graphite at AMG Graphite, which is headquartered in Hauzenberg, Germany. Natural graphite is known for its conductivity, lubrication, and heat resistant properties.

AMG Graphite produces the highest quality graphite through its own source mines and vertically integrated production facilities, which are located in Germany, the Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, China, and Mozambique.

The Super Conductivity Series of graphite grades is targeted to enhance electrical and thermal conductivity. Main applications can be found in the composite industry and as conductivity enhancer in modern battery systems. The different raw materials combined with sophisticated processing methods developed at AMG Graphite generates state of the art products for the industry.

Graphite is chemically inert, eco-friendly, and absolutely safe. It is classified as microcrystalline and macrocrystalline natural graphite and synthetic graphite. Six hexagonally arranged carbon atoms form the basic unit of the graphite crystal. The two dimensional lattices are highly stable within themselves, but they can be easily shifted against each other.

Specifically natural graphite is used for:

  • Special lubricants
  • Building insulation
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Fireproof materials
  • Carbon brushes for electric motors

AMG’s wide range of raw material provenances and great variety of production possibilities allow it to produce a large bandwidth of natural graphite in the most varied grain sizes, from flakes to finest powders, as well as various shapes. That enables it to manufacture graphite products with a purity of up to 99.99% carbon.

AMG’s offering of natural graphite products is supplemented by an extensive spectrum of synthetic graphite products. Vein graphite, which only occurs on Sri Lanka, is a specialty of its product range. The needle-shaped particle structure and the unique crystallinity of this graphite, for example, are important for applications that attach great importance to electric conductivity.

Expandable Graphite
Expandable graphite is mostly used in plastics to give flame-retardant properties. AMG produces expandable graphite in the most varied specifications.

Graphite Dispersions
AMG’s flexibility also shows in the field of graphite dispersions. It produces both finished graphite dispersions and powder premixes that can be dispersed at the customer’s location.

Graphite Parts
AMG also produces graphite parts in any geometric shape, to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

End Markets
AMG’s high-purity natural graphite is primarily used in the infrastructure industry as thermal insulation for the building materials, in the energy industry in nuclear waste storage applications, and in the chemical industry as components for electronics and transportation.
Recent Innovations
Utilizing its team of twelve specialty chemists and scientists together with years of research and development, AMG developed a high-purity graphite product which is used in insulation materials, improving the insulating performance by up to 20%.

The natural graphite in this insulation reflects solar and heat radiation. This saves heating costs and enhances the value of buildings in an environmentally friendly way. This next generation insulation material provides more space and comfort in high energy-efficient houses and buildings.

AMG also produces micronized expanded graphite for battery application, which is used as a conductivity enhancer. By controlling 100% of the supply chain including the mine and the production and expansion of the expandable graphite, we can guarantee high quality and stable products.