Business Unit

RW Silicium GmbH, based in Pocking, Germany, is a manufacturer of metallurgical silicon. The silver colored semi-metal is generated in a process whereby quartz and carbon are converted in electric arc furnaces. It is used in the chemical industry as a basic element for silicone chemistry, microelectronics and solar energy and furthermore it is utilized as an alloying metal in aluminum foundries.

Amorphous silicon dioxide (microsilica) is also obtained as a by-product during the manufacturing process. The so-called RW-Füller is used either as an uncompacted, high-grade microfiller or compacted as RW-Compasil in ceramic and refractory products as well as in fiber cement and special concretes.


AMG produces high purity silicon metal products (greater than 99% purity) which are used primarily in the chemical, solar, electronics, and aluminum industries. It also produces microsilica which is the primary byproduct of silicon metal production.

Silicon metal is the basic building block for silicones used in building materials, polysilicon used in solar and semiconductor wafers and as an alloying agent for aluminum.

End Markets

Silicon is an important raw material for different products. In the chemical industry, metallurgical silicon is processed to silicones. In aluminum foundries, silicon is an important alloying element.

With further purification processes, metallurgical silicon can be converted to high purity silicon, which is the basis for semiconductors or solar cells.

Microsilica is used in cement for building materials and as an additive to ceramics and refractory products.