Business Unit

Based in Rotherham, UK, AMG Superalloys UK, is a leading provider of specialty metals, alloys, and materials.

With about 250 employees, AMG Superalloys UK is a highly specialized manufacturer of specialty products to the aluminum, steel, superalloy, hard-facing, welding, and glass industries. The company manufactures, among other products, chromium metal, ferrotitanium, ferroniobium, nickel, niobium, aluminum powders, and cerium oxide-based glass polishing powders.


AMG Superalloys UK is a major producer of chromium metal produced by the aluminothermic reduction of chromium oxide.

AMG manufactures various grades of chromium metal, including very high-purity, very low gas content, chromium metal for superalloy components, including turbine blades for the aerospace industry.

AMG Superalloys UK produces ferroniobium and nickel niobium alloys. Ferroniobium is produced by the aluminothermic reduction of niobium oxide. Ferroniobium improves heat, wear, and corrosion resistance in superalloys, and is also used in complex stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.

Nickel niobium is a preferred component in superalloys used for applications that must withstand high temperatures.

AMG Superalloys UK produces eutectic ferrotitanium using induction furnace technology from clean titanium raw materials and low carbon steel. Ferrotitanium is crushed and ground to specific size requirements to support the stainless, HSLA, automotive, and boron steel industries.

Ferroboron is manufactured by the carbothermic reduction of boric acid together with low carbon steel using single phase arc furnace technology, then crushed to specific size requirements. Ferroboron is used in applications for amorphous metals, magnet alloys (NdFeB), and steels.

Nickel boron is manufactured by the reduction of boric acid together with high-purity nickel. The requirements for low carbon can be met by the production of two special grades of NiB, with the process carefully controlled to reduce the residual levels of carbon. Nickel boron is used for applications in the hardfacing and superalloy industries.

AMG Superalloys UK Limited has been a producer of glass and plastics polishing compounds and glass decolorizers for over 50 years under the brand names Regipol™, Polimax™, and Decol™.

As an accomplished and leading European producer of cerium oxide and rare earth based polishing powders, AMG operates globally through a worldwide specialist distribution network. Security of supply is guaranteed through our partnership approach with our customers, distributors and suppliers, underpinned by our commitment to delivering high quality material, on time, and to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Innovation is always at the forefront of our technical activities. Our laboratory conducts extensive research and development on flat glass and precision glass polishing, enabling AMG to produce custom built products to meet individual customer requirements.

AMG Superalloys UK is a major producer of ground metals and alloys to the welding, hard facing, and hard coating industries. These metallic powders perform deoxidizing and alloying functions in a wide range of electrode types and hardfacing operations. The range includes chromium metal, high carbon chromium, ferrotitanium, ferroboron, chromium boron, and nickel boron. State-of-the-art crushing, grinding, and blending facilities allow AMG to supply to tightly controlled individual customer specifications.

AMG Analytical Services delivers first class inorganic analytical testing services to a diverse customer base for whom quality and integrity of service is paramount. The laboratory activities are accredited to the ISO 17025 (UKAS) and 9001:2008 laboratory and quality management standards. Analytical services include ICP-OES, XRF/XRD, atomic absorption, microscopy, and chromatography, among others.

When a material is heated sufficiently it will emit visible light in a discrete spectrum, characteristic of the elements in the material. Each element has its unique atomic emission spectrum (both visible light and x-rays). For ICP a sample is dissolved in acid and the solution is “burned” in an argon plasma. Optical emission spectrometers determine analyte concentration via a quantitative measurement of the optical emission from the excited atoms.

As with any analytical method, sample preparation is crucial and AMG Analytical was one of the early pioneers of the Borate glass bead technique. This is a valuable way to eliminate errors with materials which exhibit varying composition or are difficult to present in other forms. The x-rays used for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) have as wide a range of wavelengths as possible. The beam of x-rays enters the atoms of the sample and for each different element one wavelength (“color”) of x-rays is given out; the characteristic radiation. The detector is moved to the position at which the characteristic radiation for each element being analyzed leaves the sample and registers the strength of the beam. The intensity (strength) of the characteristic x-rays given out measures the amount of that element in the sample.

End Markets

AMG Superalloys products are used in the aluminum, high-purity steel, superalloy, hard-facing, welding and optical glass industries.

Ferroniobium improves heat, wear, and corrosion resistance in superalloys, and is also used in complex stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.