Business Unit
AMG Titanium is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance metals and materials. The company was founded in 1911 and currently has about 430 employees at Nuremberg and Freiberg sites.

The product spectrum includes metallic and ceramic materials for coating technologies, master alloys and intermetallic materials for the aircraft industry, as well as technical powders and vanadium chemicals. The high-quality tailored products are used in many different fields of application.

The focuses of AMG’s current product range are the following:

  • Master Alloys
  • Titanium Aluminides
  • Coating Materials
  • Vanadium Chemicals & Oxides
  • Thermal Spraying

AMG produces a number of custom master alloys and coating materials used in the aerospace, energy, automotive and special metals industries. These materials are engineered products designed to meet the needs of today’s high stress operating environments. With more than 100 years of know-how, AMG’s R&D department is continuously developing new tailor-made materials according to the customers’ requirements.

With over 50 years of valuable experience in the production of master alloys, AMG has become one of the leaders in this sophisticated business worldwide.

Through stringent testing (e.g. visual, black light, and X-ray inspections) AMG is able to provide world-class quality products that meet the highest technical requirements.

AMG offers a wide range of high-quality products for a number of specialized sectors including the following:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Leisure industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plant construction
  • Ship-building
  • Off-shore technology and other applications

AMG’s master alloys, e.g., vanadium aluminum (VAl), molybdenum aluminum (MoAl), and ferroniobium (FeNb), are used in the titanium and super alloy industries as alloying elements to improve the mechanical properties of final Titanium or Ni-based super -alloys such as anti-corrosion and heat resistance. The hydrogen storage alloy Hydralloy C5, capable of chemically storing hydrogen, rounds off this product range.

The hydrogen storage alloy Hydralloy CTM, which is used as storage end alloy rounds off this product range.

Titanium Aluminides
Light, strong and high temperature resistant – these are the requirements on high performance engine materials for both aircraft and automotive applications. The major objective is to increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption. Due to their low density of about 4 g/cm³ and high strength level up to 800 °C, intermetallic Titanium Aluminide (TiAl) materials are the most promising candidates to meet today´s and future challenges.

Since the early 90’s, AMG has developed and industrialized both TiAl based alloys and corresponding manufacturing technologies for ingot materials and semi-finished products. Based on outstanding materials expertise, vacuum-based metallurgical melting technologies of the Ti industry have been successfully adjusted to the specific needs of this novel materials class.

Materials science meets Technology. This formula sums up AMG’s market leadership. AMG sets worldwide standards in terms of the purity, dimensional and alloy variety, materials homogeneity and reproducibility of industrially manufactured TiAl semi-finished products for subsequent processing to components via casting, wrought processing or mechanical machining.

As a reliable supplier of TiAl to all advanced civil aircraft engine programs, AMG makes a vital contribution to the idea of green mobility: less fuel consumption, less noise, and increased overall efficiency. Ultra-light weight TiAl valves are back in racing engines (Formula 1, Moto GP) again – thanks to renewed technical regulations. This is the best opportunity for AMG to test TiAl materials under extreme thermo-mechanical stresses and will help us to further improve materials properties and manufacturing technologies for new TiAl-based products with outstanding performance.

AMG’s core competencies for TiAl include:

  • Development and production of adjusted master alloys for the manufacturing of TiAl-based alloys
  • Production of TiAl ingots via vacuum arc remelting (VAR) processing
  • Production of homogeneous TiAl semi-finished products via VAR skull melting and subsequent centrifugal casting into permanent molds
  • Recycling of qualified TiAl scrap materials into semi-finished products via vacuum induction skull melting (VIM) and subsequent centrifugal casting into permanent molds
  • Production of extruded TiAl rods and profiles
  • Production of rolled TiAl sheets based on homogenized cast parts
  • Extended materials diagnostics and chemical analyses

Coating Materials for thin film technology
PVD coating is now indispensable for modern surface optimization. In order to achieve high quality coatings, the quality of the starting materials is an important requirement.

AMG is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of sputter targets, arc cathodes and evaporation materials for the PVD thin film technology. AMG’s high-quality customized products made of pure metals, alloys, oxides and cermets are used for a wide range of applications. To produce special functional layers for architectural and automobile glass or in photovoltaics, you can use AMG’s products, e.g. ZnO/Al2O3 (AZOY®), chromium, titanium oxide or silicon.

AMG Coating Materials for wear resistance coatings, e.g. titanium aluminum, aluminum titanium, aluminum chromium or chromium significantly extend the life of tools and components and thus reduces production costs and environmental impact.

In optical applications, PVD layer systems such as hafnium oxide, zirconium oxide or tantalum oxide are used in the manufacture of e.g. laser mirrors, color filters, special filters and high-quality layer systems in ophthalmics.

During the production of AMG Coating Materials, environmental concerns are fully taken into account, a policy that is reflected in the outstanding environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production technologies and recycling programs for each product.

Consistently high-quality and cost efficiency are a must. In the development of the products, AMG focuses on the customers’ requirements and provide effective solutions in close cooperation, based on more than 35 years of experience. A global network of sales partners supports us to optimize customer service abroad.

AMG manufactures PVD Coating Materials for the following applications:

  • Large area coatings
  • Display industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Web coatings
  • Wear-resistant coatings
  • Decorative coatings
  • Optical industry
  • Solar & photovoltaic industry

In the area of medical technology, AMG produces HDH titanium powder for porous layers on human implants. It is applied by thermal spray processes such as VPS, APS and similar technologies.

AMG Metalle und Materialien develops and produces high-purity vanadium products such as vanadium oxides (e.g., vanadium pentoxide) or vanadium bearing solutions (e.g., vanadyl sulfate solutions) for a wide range of industrial applications.

AMG Metalle und Materialien has decades of production experience with the methods and processes of vanadium extraction from combustion and gas-reducing residues. We protect the environment by saving natural resources and by 100 % processing of residues.

AMG manufactures high-purity Vanadium-Chemicals for a variety of applications:

  • Electrical / Electronics industry
  • Enameling industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Paint and Ceramics industry
  • Glass industry
  • Catalysts industry
  • Life Science industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Emission control
  • Energy storage


Thermal Spraying
Thermal Spraying, the solution for high-quality functional coatings, offers universal opportunities as a process group in the application of various functional layers, for repair, or for the production of components.

AMG has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Thermal Spraying and carries out coating services for almost all segments of industry.

AMG’s experience and know-how in the development of material, coating and technology enables it to offer its customers consulting even for new applications and to develop suitable coating solutions for them. Our state-of-the-art technology and mechanical processing equipment guarantee a quick, complete and reliable handling of each job.

Thermal sprayed coatings for high-performance industrial applications:

  • Wear protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Electrical insulation coating
  • Rough coating
  • Structural repair

Thermal spray technology at AMG:

  • Plasma spraying
  • High velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF)
  • Arc spraying
  • Powder flame spraying
  • Wire flame spraying
  • Cold gas spraying

There are personnel and resources testing for the following processes: flame spraying with powder, flame spraying with wire, high speed flame spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying, vacuum-plasma spraying, and cold gas spraying.

End Markets
AMG’s high-purity master alloys improve the physical properties of titanium and Ni-based super -alloys used in jet engines, airframes, and other critical-quality applications. The landing gears, airframes, and turbine blades of jet engines rely on strong, light-weight alloys strengthened with these high-purity master alloys. The alloys undergo extensive testing and qualification process including 100% visible-light, black-light, and x-ray inspection to ensure that they meet the exacting quality requirements of the titanium and aerospace industries.

AMG’s master alloys, such as vanadium aluminum and ferroniobium, are used in the titanium and super alloy industry as alloying elements to improve the mechanical properties of the final alloys such as anti-corrosion and heat resistance. AMG’s metal hydrides are used for the storage of hydrogen in energy applications.

AMG’s coatings products play a crucial role in various applications. AMG’s coatings are used in the following applications:

  • Display glass
  • Architectural glass
  • Outside mirrors
  • Thin-film Photovoltaics
  • Extend life of tools (wear resistance)
  • Optical applications
Recent Innovations
Reducing structural weight is one of the major ways to reduce carbon emissions and improve aircraft performance. Lighter and/or stronger materials allow greater range and speed and may also contribute to reducing operational costs. AMG has innovated a number of specialty alloys used to help reduce weight and improve the operational performance of aircraft.

Through extensive research beginning in the mid-1990s, AMG developed Titanium Aluminides (TiAl). Initial applications for this high strength, low weight material included valves for Formula 1 race cars and have evolved into alloys for aerospace applications. Titanium Aluminides offer superior high temperature performance with low weight for turbine blades and are as strong as nickel based alloys, but at only half the weight. These alloys will allow for smaller aerospace engines, reduced fuel consumption and less hazardous emissions, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

For more information, please visit AMG Titanium’s website.