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AMG Lithium

AMG’s Lithium segment spans the lithium value chain, reducing the CO2 footprint of both suppliers and customers. AMG Lithium BV is on its way to becoming the premier European lithium refiner based on its own low-cost resources in Brazil, and operates a value chain starting with mining and including solid state lithium batteries in Germany.
AMG Brazil – Minas Gerais, Brazil

AMG Brazil

AMG Brazil is expanding the spodumene production at its mine in Mibra from 90 kMT yearly to 130 kMT annually. Bringing this intermediate process in-house is an important step in AMG’s plan to create a full lithium value chain.

AMG Lithium – Frankfurt, Germany

AMG Lithium GmbH

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, the AMG Lithium team focuses on the production and development of high-quality lithium-containing battery materials for the energy storage sector. AMG will be the first European battery-grade lithium hydroxide producer serving the growing EU cathode material market. The engineering team of AMG Lithium GmbH has more than a decade of operative expertise in the production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide.