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AMG Vanadium

AMG Vanadium is the world’s market leader in recycling vanadium from oil refining residues. It is the only US ferrovanadium producer and is expanding in the Middle East with the Supercenter project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through Shell & AMG Recycling BV. AMG Vanadium BV spans the Company’s vanadium, titanium, and chrome businesses.
AMG Vanadium – Zanesville, OH, USA

AMG Vanadium

AMG Vanadium is the largest producer of ferrovanadium in North America and the largest recycler in the world of spent oil refinery catalysts and power plant residues. Through its environmentally beneficial conversion of waste products into valuable end products, AMG Vanadium provides an important solution and cradle-to-grave risk mitigation for refinery partners and waste generators, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% compared to a primary mining and processing operation.

AMG Titanium – Brand-Erbisdorf, Germany

AMG Titanium

AMG Titanium is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom master alloys and coating materials used in the aerospace, energy, automotive and special metals industries. AMG Titanium developed Titanium Aluminides (TiAl), which offer superior high temperature performance with low weight for turbine blades and are as strong as nickel based alloys, but at only half the weight. These alloys allow for smaller aerospace engines, reduced fuel consumption and less hazardous emissions, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

AMG Chrome

Based in the UK, AMG Chrome is a highly specialized manufacturer of chromium metal and specialty products for the aluminum, stainless steel, superalloy, hard-facing, and welding industries. AMG Chrome manufactures various grades of chromium metal, including very high-purity, very low gas content chromium metal for superalloy components, including single crystal turbine blades for the aerospace industry.

Shell & AMG Recycling BV

Shell & AMG Recycling’s (“SARBV”) project development of a closed loop circular recycling facility in the Middle East includes a hydrometallurgical facility to process vanadium-containing gasification ash, which is under a long-term contract with Aramco. The “Supercenter” concept also includes spent catalyst recycling projects, fresh catalyst production, and the manufacturing of vanadium batteries.