AMG Critical Materials produces specialty metals, alloys, and high performance materials, including aluminum master alloys and powders, titanium alloys and coatings, chromium metal, ferrovanadium, antimony, tantalum, niobium, silicon metal and natural graphite.

The term “critical materials” came to prominence as major global trends in CO2 reduction, population growth, affluence and energy efficiency created demand for new materials which needed to be lighter, stronger and more resistant to higher temperatures, wear and corrosion.

These materials are of significant importance to the global economy and are available in limited supply, as detailed in the 2014 Report on Critical Materials for the EU. The technological challenges associated with such materials posed a challenge to material science. This led to demand shifts in particular metals and minerals in the periodic table which, until recently, had been relatively dormant.

The economic importance of these materials combined with their associated supply risk resulted in the term “critical materials.”

The AMG Critical Materials division includes the following companies:

AMG Lithium
Leveraging its existing mining infrastructure in Brazil, AMG has the goal to become the low-cost producer of lithium concentrate (spodumene) globally.

AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings (GfE)
Produces specialty titanium and super alloys, coatings, vanadium chemicals and powders at its facilities in Nürnberg, Germany.

AMG Superalloys
Produces chromium metal, ferrotitanium, ferroniobium, aluminum powders and other specialty metal products at its facilities in Rotherham, Anglesey and Minworth, United Kingdom.

AMG Vanadium
Produces ferrovanadium and ferronickel-molybdenum alloys at its facilities in Cambridge, Ohio, United States.

AMG Aluminum
World-leading provider of aluminum master alloys and grain refiners for the aluminum industry.

AMG Antimony
Produces antimony trioxide, which is primarily used as a flame retardant additive in rubber, textiles and plastics, in its facilities in Chauny and Laval, France.

AMG Brazil
Operates a multi-mineral mine (MIBRA mine) located in Brazil, from which it extracts and processes tantalite, niobium, feldspar, tin, lithium concentrate, albite and kaolin to produce upgraded chemical products.

AMG Graphite
World-leading provider of high purity natural graphite through its own source mines and vertically integrated production facilities.

AMG Silicon
Produces high purity silicon metal products at its facility in Pocking, Germany.

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