AMG Technologies produces titanium aluminides and titanium alloys for the aerospace market; designs, engineers, and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems; and operates vacuum heat treatment facilities, primarily for the transportation and energy industries (including solar and nuclear) industries.  Furnace systems produced by AMG include vacuum remelting, solar silicon melting and crystallization, vacuum induction melting, vacuum heat treatment and high pressure gas quenching, turbine blade coating and sintering.  AMG also provides vacuum case-hardening heat treatment services on a tolling basis.

AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings produces specialty titanium and super alloys, coatings, vanadium chemicals and powders at its facilities in Nürnberg, Germany.

For more information on AMG Titanium Alloys & Coatings, please visit their website.

The AMG Engineering division’s furnace systems include:

  • Vacuum remelting
  • Plasma melting
  • EB-melting
  • Induction melting
  • Powder production
  • Sintering
  • Precision casting
  • Turbine blade coating
  • Solar silicon crystallization
  • Vacuum heat treatment
  • Vacuum case-hardening with gas-quenching

For more information on AMG Engineering, please visit their website.

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