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Stijn DemeesterINGBUY€60June 13, 2018
Philip NgothoABN AMROBUY€59May 17, 2018
Henk VeermanKempen & Co.BUY€58May 16, 2018
Ephrem RaviCitiBUY€60May 9, 2018
Frank ClaassenDegroof PetercamBUY€56May 2, 2018

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September 16, 2015€0.10
May 16, 2016€0.11
August 16, 2016€0.13
May 16, 2017€0.14
August 15, 2017€0.14
May 15, 2018€0.14

In August 2015, AMG announced that it would introduce dividend payments to shareholders. Consistent with AMG’s Corporate Strategy, the company will continue to retain a portion of future earnings to improve the strength of its balance sheet and finance the development and expansion of its business. The policy reflects AMG’s strong balance sheet liquidity, as well as the Board’s confidence in our long-term ability to generate solid cash flow.

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