AMG has developed innovative ways to produce these critical metals needed to build global infrastructure from waste streams using proprietary recycling technologies. Over a five year period, AMG has invested over $100 million to create and perfect these technologies.

As an environmental leader in this field, AMG provides a comprehensive and environmentally safe solution for the processing of metal containing residues from power plants and refineries. At the recycling operation in Ohio, USA, AMG operates a process which directly recovers both ferrovanadium and FeNiMoly® alloys, which are used in structural and stainless steels.

There is no liquid waste from the process, a major achievement in comparison with solutions employing hydrometallurgical process steps. In addition, AMG’s process uses 40% less energy than a primary mining operation for vanadium.

AMG is the largest producer of ferrovanadium in North America and the largest recycler of waste streams used to produce vanadium in the world. Vanadium, when added to crude steel, creates high-strength low-alloy steel, a lightweight product extremely high in tensile strength and wear resistance. FeNiMoly® alloys are used to make stainless steel.

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