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AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. Announces Changes to the Composition of its Supervisory Board

Amsterdam, 28 February 2019 (Regulated Information) The Supervisory Board of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”, EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: “AMG”) resolved during its meeting on 27 February 2019 to propose to the General Meeting of Shareholders to make the following changes to its composition.

At the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) in May 2019, Mr. Jack Messman will have served twelve years on the Supervisory Board of AMG when his current term ends. Mr. Messman has indicated that he wishes to retire from the Supervisory Board in May 2019, given other priorities and the term limits for Supervisory Directors under the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. The Supervisory Board is deeply grateful for the long service and dedication to AMG by Mr. Messman.

Before becoming Chairman in 2018, Mr. Messman was Vice Chairman since 2007 and a long-serving member and Chair of AMG’s Remuneration Committee and before that of the Audit & Risk Management Committee, and has been a major contributor to the excellent quality of AMG’s current leadership team by implementing and overseeing AMG’s competitive executive compensation system.

Professor Steve Hanke will have served six years on the Supervisory Board in May 2019 when his current term ends. AMG is very pleased to announce that Professor Hanke, currently Chair of the Audit & Risk Management Committee,  will make himself available for re-appointment for a term of four years. The Supervisory Board will nominate Professor Hanke for re-appointment by the General Meeting Shareholders on May 1 of this year as independent member of the Supervisory Board for a term of four years.

Given the retirement of Mr. Messman as member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board after the Annual Meeting in May 2019, AMG is pleased to announce that the Supervisory Board plans to appoint Professor Steve Hanke as Chairman of the Supervisory Board as of May 1, 2019 after the Annual Meeting.

Given the vacancy created by the retirement of Mr. Messman, the Supervisory Board is pleased to announce that it will nominate Ms. Dagmar Bottenbruch as an independent Supervisory Board member for appointment by the General Meeting of Shareholders on May 1, 2019. Ms. Bottenbruch has German and US citizenship and brings highly relevant experience in the field of financial services as well as public and private equity and venture capital investments. She was Managing Director of Rabobank International in Germany and has worked at Credit Suisse in London and Frankfurt as Director Investment Banking. She currently serves on the Supervisory Board of CFA Society Germany and of Vaamo Finanz AG, Frankfurt. The full curriculum vitae of the nominee is available for inspection at the offices of the Company and will be published on the Company’s website.

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About AMG

AMG is a global critical materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends. AMG produces highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products and provides related vacuum furnace systems and services to the transportation, infrastructure, energy, and specialty metals & chemicals end markets.

Critical Materials produces aluminum master alloys and powders, ferrovanadium, natural graphite, chromium metal, antimony, lithium, tantalum, niobium and silicon metal.  AMG Technologies produces titanium aluminides and titanium alloys for the aerospace market; designs, engineers, and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems; and operates vacuum heat treatment facilities, primarily for the transportation and energy industries.

With approximately 3,300 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Mozambique, and has sales and customer service offices in Russia and Japan (

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