The United Nations forecasts that the global population will grow approximately 40% between now and 2050 to 9.1 billion people¹, an increase of 2.6 billion people, or more than the entire world’s population in 1950. Energy demand is expected to grow even faster – an 86% increase by 2050² . CO2 emissions could jump 56% by 2030, leading to an eventual increase in average global temperature of up to 6°C. It is estimated that over “$22 trillion in investment will be needed in energy-supply infrastructure by 2030³” in order to compensate for global growth.

AMG is meeting this demand through research and development on nuclear technology for the safe storage of nuclear waste, vacuum furnaces used in the production of solar silicon ingots and specialty alloys used to help make industrial gas turbines more fuel efficient. In addition, AMG Silicon produces silicon metal used for the production of polysilicon by the solar energy industry.

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3Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in his key note address to the 11th International Energy Forum (IEF) Rome April 2008
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