Specialty metals and chemicals are products that enhance existing products, and are used to create new products that enhance standards of living in the context of stable development. Utilizing its extensive background in metals based material technologies, AMG produces innovative specialty metals and chemicals for a wide variety of applications. AMG focuses on creating intermediate products that enhance the performance of our customer’s end products while promoting sustainable development.

Over the last century AMG’s predecessor companies have been developing the “next generation” materials to improve the quality of life and spur innovation. Specifically, AMG is focused on producing customized metallurgical solutions that meet the market’s exacting demands. Included in AMG’s product portfolio is tantalum, a material used as a capacitor in electronics. AMG produces vanadium based chemicals that improve the insulating and infrared absorbent properties of structural glass and chemical compounds that improve the melting point of enamels used in cookware or electrical housings.

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