Business Unit

Throughout its rich history, AMG Vanadium has been supplying high quality products and services to the steel and refining industries.  Located in Cambridge, Ohio, U.S.A., AMG Vanadium is a global leader in the use of secondary raw materials, such as spent refinery catalyst, to produce ferroalloys for steel making. AMG Vanadium is the largest producer of ferrovanadium in North America and the largest recycler in the world of spent oil refinery catalysts and power plant residues.

Through AMG Vanadium’s proprietary pyrometallurgical process, it converts spent refinery catalyst and other vanadium bearing raw materials into ferrovanadium (Ferovan®) and ferronickel-molybdenum (FeNiMoly®), that are sold to carbon and stainless steelmakers. Through this environmentally beneficial conversion of waste products into valuable end products, AMG Vanadium provides an important solution and cradle-to-grave risk mitigation for refinery partners and waste generators.

AMG Vanadium is permitted by the US EPA as a RCRA Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (“TSDF”), meaning that AMG Vanadium adheres to extremely stringent regulations pertaining to the entire chain of waste management activities including specific design and operating criteria to prevent the release of hazardous waste.

An ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registered facility, AMG Vanadium’s pyrometallurgical process generates no process wastewater while converting these hazardous wastes into valuable finished products. This environmentally responsible recycling process has the lowest overall emissions and highest conversion rate to finished products in the world. AMG Vanadium estimates that the energy consumption used to produce recycled vanadium is approximately 60% of primary mining routes. Catalyst disposal through conversion to another material is a solution that offers important ecological benefits to the refiner’s stakeholders, to the community at large and to the environment.

Products & End Markets

AMG Vanadium produces a low-aluminum ferrovanadium known as FEROVAN®. This engineered product is used in a broad range of applications such as structural steel, HSLA steel, flat rolled products, reinforcing bar, line pipe, and rail steel. Ferovan® offers advantages to steelmakers over other vanadium alloys including a low melting point, low aluminum content, low carbon content, maximum recoveries in less time, improved cast product quality, application versatility and custom packaging. When added to carbon steel, ferrovanadium creates a high performance HSLA steel with extremely high tensile strength.

AMG Vanadium’s ferronickel-molybdenum alloy co-product called FeNiMoly® is produced from the continuous production of ferrovanadium and provides a cost savings to customers through its replacement of primary nickel products, ferromolybdenum and molybdenum oxide, and scrap. FeNiMoly® is available in ingots which are used to produce stainless steel, special bar quality steel, and low alloy steels such as 4300 and 8600.

AMG Vanadium produces calcium aluminate slag called Revan™ that is used by steel producers as a slag conditioner and substitutes more expensive raw materials with equivalent quality characteristics.

AMG Vanadium produces a calcium sulfate product call Limeadd™ that is used for solidification and stabilization in the oil and gas drilling and mining industries.

Recent Innovations

AMG Vanadium has developed innovative ways to produce the critical metals needed to build global infrastructure from waste streams using proprietary recycling technologies. AMG Vanadium estimates that the energy consumption used to produce recycled vanadium using AMG Vanadium’s proprietary process is approximately 60% of primary manufacturing routes.

Over a fifteen year period, AMG Vanadium has invested more than $50 million to create and perfect these technologies. As an environmental leader in this field, AMG Vanadium provides a comprehensive and environmentally safe solution for processing spent refinery catalysts and power plant residues.