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AMG Brazil – Charitable Efforts

Dia das Mães 2019

AMG Brazil maintains a strong social commitment to the region where it is located. We value the local culture and work to foster trust and mutual respect between our employees, their families, and the surrounding communities where we operate and live.

We recognize that the way to strengthen and develop our local community is by reinforcing shared ties and working alongside local people to achieve a common goal. To maintain this relationship of partnership and trust, periodic meetings are held with local leaders and associations, which keep us informed of local concerns and needs. AMG is also committed to prioritizing the hiring of local employees. Our job vacancies are posted publicly via social media for local institutions and leaders, and internally through our communication channels.

To strengthen our role in local communities, AMG organizes several initiatives and campaigns throughout the year, which includes Christmas campaigns to collect food and toys, blood donation campaigns, and other activities through our corporate volunteer program, Connection of the Good. AMG also makes charitable donations to local organizations as needs arise.