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AMG Lithium – Dr. Vera Nickel — Head of R&D Battery Materials

Dr. Vera Nickel, Head of Battery Materials

Dr. Vera Nickel, Head of RD Battery Materials

Vera Nickel, who joined AMG Lithium in 2018, is one of two female leads at AMG Lithium’s lithium solid-state battery research and development team, after serving for more than 10 years in similar positions in the lithium industry. She heads the group whose goal is to develop innovative battery materials in close cooperation with our customers to be used in next generation lithium-ion batteries, most notably solid-state battery systems.

When you listen to Vera, you will immediately recognize her passion for the chemistry and the materials she strives to develop to the next level. The reward of these activities will be a contribution to novel lithium-ion batteries with enhanced properties in terms of energy density, performance, and last, but not least, safety.

For Vera, successful development work is always a result of professional teamwork. In the development of new innovative materials, progress but also setbacks happen. Learning from failures is as important as consistently deliver good results, and a successful leader must be able to moderate these situations.

Once a new battery material is developed and tested in self-built battery cells, the next important step is to scale its production from lab size to pilot plant quantities. Our new pilot plant for the production of lithium sulfide and solid electrolytes is one of Vera’s major tasks. She set the team’s goal to ramp up quantity and assure quality same time. The design of a sustainable and resource-efficient process is in line with AMG’s ambitions for a comprehensive ESG.