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AMG Vanadium – From Waste To CO2 Savings

AMG Vanadium facility

AMG Vanadium – Cambridge, OH, USA

At AMG, we look beyond what other companies view as waste and see potential for waste reduction and new product streams. That vision is how AMG’s FEROVAN™ product was developed.

Ferrovanadium, an alloy of iron and vanadium, is a universal hardener, strengthener, and anti-corrosive additive for steels such as high-strength low-alloy steel. FEROVAN™ is manufactured in Cambridge, Ohio using spent refinery catalyst that contains vanadium sourced as a waste product from the crude oil refining industry. When blended with steel, FEROVAN™ improves tensile strength and corrosion resistance of steel alloys, as well as delivering environmental benefits due to its lightweighting attributes.

An LCA performed in 2018 suggested that using AMG FEROVAN™ to manufacture vanadium steel rebar could result in a 25 percent or more GHG emissions mitigation benefit when compared with rebar made from a standard carbon steel, enabling our customers to achieve significant carbon reduction in their products.